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February 18, 2009


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Cindy Fortin

Hi Jennie,

You are welcome to use the logo. Thank you for checking out my blog.


Hello, i was wondering if i could use your logo for my coursework?


Hi Jordan & Bethany, I am glad that you like the logo. I am happy to let you use it for your projects but I would ask that it not be used as any part of a business logo as I use it for one of my businesses. Thanks Cindy

bethany lowery

i would just like to know if i could use one of our pitures for my controlled assessment in my logo.could you let me know as soon as possible please
thank you
from bethany

Jordan Cottnam

Hello my name is jordan cottnam i am in an ict controlled assesment and I was wondering if I could use your brilliant upcycling design
thank you


Hi Helen,
Thanks for checking out my blog. I don't know what an ict CAB is but please feel free to use the logo.


Hi. I'm doing an ict CAB on Upcycling and was wondering if i could use this logo as an example of real life Upcycling compaigns? It would help a lot if i could get your permission to use it, Thank you.


Hi Alisia,

Thank you for your comments and compliments. Please feel free to use the logo. I don't know if you saw both versions. The first one is black and green. I updated the colors on another post (Dec 9th 2009). I like my re-colored version better but you are welcome to use either one.


Alaia E

Hello, I really love your logo. I was looking for an upcycle logo for my school report but couldn't find one that truly was representative until I came across your fabulous design. May I use it for my school report. I would credit you of course. I hope it gets more recognition as from what I've seen online, yours is the best by miles :)

Best regards

Logo Design

I would go with it.

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